*** Press Release sent to London Evening Standard, July 2013 ***

Author of new book says 'Don't blame Islam'.

Eric Neal, author of the recently published book ‘A Beginner’s Guide to God’ says Islam is not to blame for the recent attack on a British soldier, nor for that matter any other attacks that take place around the world.

In his book, he states that ‘the vast majority of followers of all religions are totally against any form of violence, and those who act contrary to their own teachings will eventually be judged for their actions’.

Neal was born in London, but now lives in New Zealand, where he says there are tens of thousands of Muslims, and there is rarely a problem. If problems do arise, he says it is invariably because of the intolerance of a very small minority. He believes that the culture of understanding and inclusiveness that exists in New Zealand is an example to the rest of the world. He says… ‘There is only one God, and the sooner that people recognise this, and treat each other in the way that God has implored us, the sooner we will have a world where our prayer for God’s Kingdom on earth will be fulfilled, and we can all live in peace and harmony.  Neal says that most people have given up on that dream, but he says that change is happening at a rapid pace, and he believes that most of us will get a glimpse of this reality in our own lifetime.

He says that most people understandably judge other religions based on the differences, rather than appreciating the similarity of the teachings of each religion, and atrocities such as that which recently occurred in Woolwich only serve to deepen the rift. But he says that an impartial study of the spiritual teachings of all the major religions provides strong evidence as to the oneness of religion, which in turn lends support to the belief that all religion emanates from the same source.

'A Beginner's Guide to God' is available via Amazon (ISBN 978-1-4759-4847-9), or you can visit Eric Neal on his website: www.beginnersguidetogod.com.

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