About the Author

Amy & EricI was born in Whetstone, London , and at the age of eight we moved to Brighton on the south coast. Three years later I moved with my parents to Auckland, New Zealand, where I have lived ever since.

I have three daughters, Kim who is working in IT in London, Shelley who enjoys the embracing weather in Ohai in Southland, NZ (there you go, Shelley, I managed to get Ohai mentioned on the website), and Monique who lives on Auckland’s North Shore.

Having been born into a Christian environment, and attending Sunday school, I accepted Christ, but felt confused by the number of different religions. The Christian teachings about false prophets made me reticent to investigate other religions, but having conquered that barrier, I started to investigate. Although I found the teachings of other religions full of valuable guidance, to me they were just like Christianity with a different cultural flavour. In my mid-twenties I was introduced to the Baha’i Faith by a business associate, Hugh Carden, who became my good friend, and I will forever be indebted to him. This introduction was the key to finding answers to so many of my questions. The first chapter of my search was complete and a new and more exciting chapter was just beginning.

I am now married to Amy (she’s the good looking one in the photo). Amy became a Baha’i in 2009, and she has been so supportive of my desire to write my book and share the insights that we have gained through the process of studying the Writings of Baha’u’llah. My grateful thanks go to Amy and her son, Yuchen, for their encouragement.

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